The Voice

I love reality competition shows, particularly anything involving art or talent that I don’t have. I think these types of shows provide a venue for talented individuals to be discovered and prosper in a way that they couldn’t ‘just a decade ago. TV reality shows provide opportunities for people where talent is more important than who you know in a particular industry. The Voice, Face Off, Masterchef, etc are all variations of the same theme, create a program that shows the talent involved in a particular art (and make a little money for everyone), it is a beautiful representation of how far we’ve come as a society. People can follow their art while bringing entertainment and value to others.

Right now, my favorite is The Voice. I think the talent is amazing, I love the concept of admission to the competition being based on singing alone, the judges are entertaining, and it is well-produced. Sometimes, while biking along a lonely stretch of road, I’ll fantasize about being on The Voice and what I would do if every one of the judges wanted me on their team. This is really a pure fantasy, as anyone who has ever heard my try to sing can testify, but I think it is fun to imagine these things once in a while.

So, if all four judges wanted me on their team I think I would go with Adam Levine. Gwen Stefani has had the most influence on my musical taste (I still have “Oi To The World” as the first track on my holiday playlist) but she is hot and I get distracted by pretty things too easily. I’d crush too hard on her and make mistakes. I really respect Pharrell and Blake Shelton but I am not familiar enough with their work to feel confident working with them. Besides, Levine also does yoga and could maybe give me some advice on how to get some rockin’ abs. If I can’t win my fantasy reality tv show, I might as well look good after I’m done competing.

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