Partying With Molly

Whew, I almost didn’t get a blog out today. I spent most of today travelling from Oklahoma to Dallas and didn’t have a lot of free time, but I managed to get a blog out. I’m a little drunk and this blog post is based on a question I got via Snapchat (Add me! pneiger), but it counts. Here is how I recommend partying with MDMA if you are doing a home party instead of a rave. I definitely prefer small, intimate gatherings instead of big raves or events but there is a time and place for everything.

Basics: There are a lot of ways to roll with Molly but some basics stand true for all circumstances. First, make sure your product has been tested and is safe. I recommend using a test kit from DanceSafe anytime you purchase a new batch. Even if you trust the source you should test each batch.

Hydration is really important when rolling, but unless you are dancing a ton it probably isn’t a major danger. You should still have Gatorade or orange juice on hand, as well as plenty of water. I also recommend plastic glasses to prevent accidental broken glass on the floor. Sometimes people get a little shaky with Molly and accidents can happen.

People often like to cuddle up and chat while rolling so it is nice to have a soft environment to hang out in. Simply placing blankets, pillows, and other soft things on the floor can help this environment. You don’t really need special supplies, just get the stuff off your bed and have them available for people to curl up with.

Music is also a major stimulant while rolling. I like to have a playlist ready on Spotify for rolling. A couple of hours that flows through EDM and some dancy top 40 can get people moving and exploring their bodies a bit. It is a tactile drug, which includes getting in touch with your own body at times. Music helps that.

Advanced: There are tons of ways to roll with friends that are more advanced. I don’t think you can really get into every detail but here is my favorite type of roll, a few couples who are good friends. I’ll start from the first time rolling because things flow more naturally after you’ve rolled with the same people a few times.

First, I think it is important to establish boundaries and expectations. Let’s say three different couples are getting together to all roll together. Each couple should discuss with each other about what their boundaries are. I like using the “Yes, Maybe, and No” method that is common within BDSM communities. “Yes” are things that you are absolutely comfortable with, “Maybe” are things that you might be comfortable with happening or seeing but check in first, and “No” are things that you aren’t comfortable with. By discussing these with your partner you can hold each other accountable and make sure that while rolling your lowered inhibitions don’t lead you doing something you regret. In my experience this is rare but it is better to be safe than sorry. There is always an opportunity in the future roll again, so don’t feel like you should do everything on the first roll.

Now, each Yes, Maybe, and No usually comes in three categories: things you will see, things you will touch, and things you will talk about. Things can get pretty intimate between sometimes so it is important to think about what you are comfortable with. “Seeing” can include naked bodies or people having sex, “Touching” can include massages or making out, and “Talking” may include personal issues like experiences in war, spiritual beliefs, or going into detailed conversations about what you desire in a relationship. Molly is a multi-functional drug that can be recreational, therapeutic, or both.

Second, you should discuss with your partner (or the group as a whole) the things you’d like to try while rolling. It is important not to have specific expectations about what will happen but there is nothing wrong with having things you’d like to experience. This may be something like discussing your past to heal from wounds or experiences a six-hand massage or see what everyone’s naked body looks like. If you are close to your friend’s they should be open to discussing anything, but the answer may be “no”. It is important to just put things out there.

Now, if you are doing a more intimate roll I recommend the following prep work:

  • Massage oil available for massages
  • Towels prepped near shower in case people decide to shower or bathe
  • Condoms and lube available for intimacy
  • A room dedicated to nudity or sexuality if some people in the group aren’t open to that (always provide a safe place for the newest or most conservative person in the group)
  • Candles or dim lighting for mood and to assist people with light sensitivity
  • Different playlists in different rooms for mood
  • Juices and pop-cycles for fluids and electrolytes
  • Magnesium supplements and gum to help with teeth grinding
  • Rave gloves, LED lights, and battery powered massagers available to help with stimulation
  • 5-HTP available for a few days after the roll to help with recovery

There really isn’t a bad way to roll, but some things can make the experience more epic. The most important thing is to take safety and comfort into account, communicate with the participants (particularly anyone new to it) and have a good time. Molly is a drug, an event, and a therapy, and putting in a little effort into prep work can take a good experience and make it legendary

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