Christmas Gifts

Christmas is always kind of an awkward time for me. It isn’t that I’m an atheist pagan, it is the gift giving. Out of the Five Love Languages I rank lowest in “gift giving”. I don’t care if I receive gift and I am terrible at getting gifts for others. Not only do I not know what to get people, it actually decreases my life happiness because of the pressure and stress. This is the one season where giving someone a gift is a strong expectation, it is seen as a true representation of your love or care for others but that isn’t how I work.

I’m just happy the season is over. I wish we lived in a culture where other love languages were seen as just as valuable during the holiday season. Things like travelling to see people or taking time to do things are how I represent my love, not gifts. And when I do get people gifts it tends to be cash or gift cards because that seems the most practical, but often that is seen as an insult. Oh well, the season is over for another year.

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