Asking Why

Over the last year or so I’ve been trying to be more conscious of my decisions. I try to ask myself why  I am doing something, particularly little things that I generally don’t give much thought to.

Why did I log on to Facebook? Am I trying to communicate with someone? Am I just bored? Am I trying to see what is going on in the world? Is there a better way to reach my goals?

Why am I drinking another beer? Am I trying to get drunk? Is it social lubricant? Am I just satisfying my oral fixation? Can I find a healthier alternative?

This practice has gotten to the point where it is almost unconscious… most of the time. Through this practice I have noticed that I spend less time on wasteful activities and direct my energy to more productive ends. That isn’t always the case, sometimes I’ll think “Why am I surfing this political blog? Is it making me happy or more informed?” and the answer will be “I’m bored and this is bumming me out”, but I keep doing it anyway. Maybe I am just a masochist sometimes or maybe my will power is reduced to the point where even my conscious analysis doesn’t give a fuck.

Anyway, I like this practice and I’m going to keep it up. There is value in challenging our impulses, habits, and the things we do because we are told we should.

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