No Seduction Necessary

I sent a Snapchat sext to some friends of mine this last week. There are a few people who have expressed consent to receive banging pictures and we send them to each other from time to time.

After the sext we began chatting about relationships and life and such. I realized that I didn’t know much about this person and their partner. I asked if they were in an open relationship and it turns out they have a similar set up as a partner and I. In fact, they mentioned that they thought about “seducing us” if we came to visit on our bike trip. This made me laugh a little bit.

One of the benefits of letting your freak flag fly is people tend to know where you stand on issues. Seduction isn’t really needed with us, instead people can just ask outright if they want to do something or talk about something. It really is freeing to live life out in the open and not worry about secrets or misinterpretations.

And this doesn’t just apply to potential sexual partners. When you stand tall and proud for the things you support it provides strength for others. Not a month goes by that I don’t receive a Facebook message (usually from someone I’ve never met in person) asking for my perspective on things like relationships, drugs, sexuality, or adventure. I love those messages (though I’ve been pretty slow to respond lately because I suck), and I love when people are open about things they want to do with me/us.

Of course, being open and asking doesn’t guarantee a certain result, but it is certainly more effective than being secretive. And despite what does or does not happen we are always discreet.

Note: I don’t think this couple was really going to try and seduce us in a deceptive or creepy way. I think they were just saying that they had discussed between themselves what they would be interested in or open to doing with us and they would approach us about these things when we got into town. That’s cool, I understand that. Though, as kind of an introvert a little heads-up about intentions or desires is nice.

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