A Moment

Every moment is valuable. Every moment is an opportunity. Every moment will pass. I can choose to use each moment to improve my life, or I can let it drift away into the past as I move closer to death.

When I have a spare minute in the day (and we all do) I can do push-ups, meditate, clean my room, read a book, or relax. Or I can be sluggish and sit in front of the tv. Certainly, that can be a relaxing thing, and maybe necessary from time to time, but I must be honest with myself and admit when it moves from relaxation to sloth. When my mind stops needing to be healed and, instead, my actions are procrastinating things that should be done and allowing my body to decay.

Blame is easy. Responsibility is tough. My health is in my hands. As is my wealth. Even if I end up homeless on the streets without a dime in my pocket, I still have power that can’t be taken away from me. I can blame the world or I can take responsibility for myself. Taking responsibility is a powerful force. It is to admit that I have authority over my own life, it is to fight those who would claim authority over me.

Certainly, there are circumstances beyond my control, but those circumstances aren’t worth thinking or worrying about. If I can’t control it, I shouldn’t worry about it. I have limited space in my mind and limited time in my life, it is a waste to spend either on things that our beyond my power.

I’m not healthier because I wasted moments of my life. I ate poorly  and sat idle because it was easier than working out or eating well. I took my life, with it’s short life span, and decided to cut even more minutes, hours, and years off of it. In a way, I’ve committed suicide.

I’m not wealthier because I spent my money on things that brought temporary satisfaction, like a drug, at the expense of my overall happiness and long-term goals. I am the source of my own financial insecurity.

The world dealt me cards, and I played them inefficiently. But, there is no real use in focusing on the past. It, like so many things in this world, is beyond my control. Instead, I can learn from it and move forward. I can try and keep the things that matter in mind and work towards living instead of existing. My focus is on love, both of others and myself. Would I want those I love to put unhealthy things in their body or waste their money on things that work against their long term health and desires? Of course not, so why would I do it to myself.

The truth is, I often don’t love myself as much as I love others. I am working on that, both in mind and action. I am pretty awesome and deserve to be loved by myself.

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