One of the things I really wanted to work on this year was my meditation practice. Meditation is one of those things that I think could really improve my life, but the practice is very difficult for me. I seem to go for a day or two and then stop for a month. But, today, for the first time, I finished the 10-Day program with the Headspace app. Granted, it took me 15 days… but this is the best I’ve done so far.

I think I’m going to subscribe to the app to get more content. Hopefully, paying for it will encourage me to use it (am I using the sunk cost fallacy to incentivize myself?).

I’m in a good place now to get into this practice. Not only am I in a stable home for a couple of years, I’m also doing a lot of reading about meditation for the grad program I’m interested in. Reading about the scientific results and study of Tibetan Buddhists really keep me motivated. Also, meditating seems a lot like touching the One Source in The Wheel of Time series… so that’s pretty badass.

Anyway, I needed a little brag about completing the program. It was really difficult for me and I have a loooooooooonnnnnng way to go, but I do feel calm and happy and more productive after my 10 minutes a day and I’d like that to continue. I think it could be great for my health, mental and physical.

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