St. Louis, It Begins

After two days in a car we finally arrived in St. Louis yesterday, and with it came my first real temptation… a night out with my partner’s sister and her friends. There was booze, of course.

I don’t really the view as a “failure”, though I did get a little tipsy and eat some delicious food. Life is about living and if I put on an L.B. every month or so having a good time than so be it. It could have been a lot worse and I actually exercised a bit of control… the food stayed vegan, the drinks were in relative moderation, and I succeeded in keeping track of my calories and mood and such. I even got up this morning and went for a run, despite a fair hangover. Running with a hangover is terrible and I do not recommend it.

Tonight we are probably going to get a drink somewhere and I’m going to try to stick with only one or two drinks. I know it will be worth it tomorrow to run feeling good instead of wanting to vomit every quarter mile. When I was in the Army I was able to handle drinking and exercising, but apparently I’m not 22 anymore. Stupid body… science needs to hurry up.


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