Glutton Days

After two months of pretty hardcore focus on my nutrition, I took a little break for the last week or so. There were a lot of reasons for this. We just moved into our new house and have been trying to get furniture and adjusted, we have a friend staying with us right now which disrupts the routine a little bit, and my fall last weekend gave me a little scare. So, I spent the last 10 days just kind of eating whatever I wanted, not paying attention to calories, and drinking more often. It wasn’t really great for my bank account or my waist line, I gained about five pounds (though, I’m sure a little of that is water weight).

I think I needed a time of feast and celebration to put things back in perspective and get motivated.I am definitely motivated again to eat healthily and exercise. As much fun as it was to eat fatty, salty, sugary, processed food, it actually had a negative effect on my overall well-being. I didn’t sleep as well, I felt really sluggish, and my mood was noticeably more depressed. It was incredibly difficult to get myself to do any of the things that I needed to do or wanted to do, instead, I just wanted to lounge around, eat more, and watch Netflix. I slacked on my Khan Academy, Courseara classes, and my meditation practice. I also found myself spending more money on books and such than I normally did. Basically, I’m really excited to get my habits back to a healthier place, particularly my food consumption.

I think it is important to celebrate accomplishments and enjoy life. That balance is important for me, at least while I am still creating a new habit. Maybe a year or so down the road I won’t need extended periods of gluttony, maybe just a cupcake every Sunday will be enough (or, ideally, I won’t need anything). I don’t know, it will be interesting to see what the future holds as I keep pushing towards a healthier me.

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