I want my life to be a grand experiment. I want to test the boundaries of my imagination and expose myself to the wonders of the world. I want to challenge myself until I break, only to discover that I have so much more inside of me than I ever dreamt of. I want chapters and chapters of testing myself as an individual because objective studies aren’t enough to satisfy my curiosity, I need to experience it myself.

I want to see how fit my body can get if I exercise daily for a month.

I want to see how my body reacts if I eat only raw vegan for six months.

I want to see if my spirit changes by going to a fundamentalist Baptist regularly.

I want to see if I can survive off of food I find in the dumpster.

I want to see what skills develop if I spend a year learning fire dancing.

I want to create my own outfit and go LARPing in the woods.

I want to run 100 miles through the woods just to see how long it takes me.

I’d love to dedicate myself and time to one of my business interests and see if I can be successful.

I’m curious what I would learn if I spent a month backpacking alone in silent meditation.

I want to dance around the fire naked with strangers drunk on wine and the carnal energy around me.

I want to wander a city where I don’t know the language and have no friends.

I want to take part in all the sin and all the saintliness that I can find.

I don’t want to live my life within the “golden mean” of social norms. I want to touch the extremes and see what I can find out about myself. But none of these things (and the million other options) can happen if I allow my life to become comfortable. Comfort is where potential goes to die.

My life is the grandest experiment that I will ever be a part of. The depths of which I will never know if I drift along a current of normalcy. My new experiences are not an attempt to find a new life… I’m not going to become obsessed with fitness, devoutly religious, or a permanent Thoreau, but I can take itty bitty threads of each experience and use them to sew my life into a beautiful technicolor dream coat. And for that, I need a variety of experiences to give me the colors and the knowledge to sew my life into something worth living.

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