Fun Run

It has been a couple weeks since I finished “Born to Run” but running is still on my mind. In fact, I think a triathlon would be  a lot of fun. Unfortunately, it seems like “fun” isn’t what people have in mind at these events. Our current Couchsurfing guest is in town for an Iron Man race and he told me that everyone takes it really seriously, they don’t allow you to listen to music, and his bike is worth about $5,000.


Where is the fun in that?

I think stuff like this is why I’ve avoided running in the past. It is just so competitive, everyone takes it so seriously and is so focused on their time and the other people. Instead of enjoying the shared moment with hundreds of other amazing people, the focus is on beating a time or beating a person. I somehow doubt I would be accepted into the group if I showed up with my Surly Long Haul Trucker and wore a t-shirt and basketball shorts.

Or maybe I’m being too hard on the athletes. After all, this is just my perception from looking at photos and few conversations. Maybe when you run a triathlon everyone does celebrate together and cheer each other on.

Or maybe not. Maybe it is more like what is discussed in “Born to Run”, that you need to get out into the non-competitive trail running to get that feeling of play and camaraderie. When there is nothing at stake you can sit back and enjoy yourself and be happy for other athletes. So maybe I’ll focus on that.

I don’t really know, I’m just happy that I am enjoying being active. I’ve got a half marathon in February and am looking for a full marathon or triathlon next fall. And hopefully, I can find some running trail and/or hiking areas nearby to explore. Oh, and maybe some rock climbing.

The world is our playground, it would be a shame if we didn’t get out and play.

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