Fuzzy Wuzzy

Another day with a fuzzy brain. I’m not sure what my deal is right now. Blargh. Anyway, here are random things popping into my head that I keep trying to write about but can’t get past the first sentence:

  • Went to a Socialism vs Capitalism debate recently and Dr. Horwitz handled a question from the audience about welfare perfectly
  • I used to be a really shitty partner when I was in college… I think I encountered heartbreak, economics, libertarianism, and Ayn Rand at a bad time and it hurt my empathy and ability to maintain an adult relationship. I’m glad I outgrew that.
  • Vegans remind me of libertarians a lot, and not necessarily in a good way, maybe it is a natural dynamic of small minorities to spend all their time fighting each other over purity instead of trying to come up with realistic ways to improve the world
  • I’m re-reading “4-Hour Workweek” and implementing the steps, if I made $452 a day I would accomplish everything on my 6-month dream list. That would require me to work 15 hours a day at my current job, which is ridiculous even if that much work was available, so I need to develop better revenue streams. Also, I’m irrationally terrified to dream that big and I keep justifying smaller goals.
  • I’ve been thinking a lot about trying to proactively arrange a threesome or a foursome relatively soon
  • Facebook is becoming a drain again and I may try and shift further away from regular use of it
  • I’m really excited for season 3 of Black Mirror, but I am also frustrated about how pessimistic all shows about the future tend to be. I wish we had another Star Trek that had an optimistic view of how technology would impact our lives instead of everything being so damn dystopian. I know we are going to have some very difficult ethical issues to deal with soon, but it isn’t all bad

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