Day 1: Hello!

During my morning pages* today I realized that one of the reasons that my blogging has stuttered out is that I tend to treat blogging a little too seriously. I feel like I need something big to say or announce, but I really should be treating it more like an exercise than a result. It is stretching my writing muscles and providing me with a platform to focus and flush out ideas, they don’t need to be grand ideas. Really, any idea or story or thought will do. One to two paragraphs is just fine.

So, I’ve decided to blog daily for the next seven days (hopefully more, but I want a S.M.A.R.T goal). The posts will likely be short but I hope I can keep in mind that they are not the finish line, they are the training. I thought about postponing this until it is more convenient but life is never convenient. My known problem times will be Saturday morning due to recovery and Wednesday because I have a 6 am flight to Canada for Thanksgiving and my birthday. But, this is my commitment to you, my audience member, and myself, I will find a way to write every day for the next seven days.

*I started “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron because Rich Roll mentioned it in “Finding Ultra”. One of the two practices is to sit down every morning and write three pages. It is a brain dump and doesn’t need structure or focus or anything. It can simply be writing “I have nothing to say” over and over for three pages. I’ve only done it three times but it has really helped me out and given my Muse room to grow. It has also helped me identify the source of some of my childhood wounds and the forms Resistance (a la “The War of Art”) takes. Overall, 10/10, would recommend.

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