Day 3?: Slip and Fall

Well, it didn’t take long for me to miss three days of blogging. I have all the excuses in the world, some more valid than others, but the truth is I am just really out of the habit and it is difficult for me to get back into it. There are several practices in my life that I know are valuable but have trouble really making stick. Blogging, meditating, and weight training top the list.

Accountability definitely helps. I think that is why my running has been consistent lately, Anna and I have both been running together and that helps keep it going. I don’t have that same sort of accountability with anything else. Sometimes things just slip my mind and sometimes I just lack the motivation. I’m not sure how to find someone to give me little reminders and pushes for these other things. Though, the Noom app is helping with overall exercise and diet. Oh well, I’m going to keep pushing and trying, even if it feels like a Sisyphean task.

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