Getting back into Daily Blogging… again! For the hundredth time!

I find it frustrating when I know what I should and shouldn’t do but struggle so much to actually do it when the time comes. I know my morning should involve meditation, exercise, writing, and reading. I know that it doesn’t move me towards my goals to spend the morning looking at social networks, checking email, or reading the news. Yet, without fail, nearly every morning my activities are more like the latter than the former.

I know that each night I should put the screens away early, prep the next day, and enjoy a relaxing activity. I know that it doesn’t move me towards my goals to have “one” more beer, keep the tv on until bedtime, or to bring my phone to bed. Yet, every night I end up doing that which doesn’t help me in the long term.

I guess one thing I should try to do is analyze why I am defaulting towards practices that are instant gratification. We all need time for leisure and independence and connection. Am I not getting them elsewhere in my day? Are there better ways I can get them?

Yeah, probably. I should look into that.

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