It is amazing (and frustrating) to me how I can know exactly what I should do to reach my goals but still neglect them and procrastinate. The things are simple (and often pretty easy) but there is still this Resistance to it. Like part of my subconscious doesn’t want success or risk or accomplishments, it would rather have failures and comfort and mediocrity.

Exercise, drinking water, meditating, writing, reading, cooking healthy food, turning off screens at 9, brushing my teeth, etc. are all things that I have time for but still find ways not to do them. Much of my time is taken up by work but I am lying if I say there isn’t 5 minutes available to meditate during the day or 30 minutes to go for a jog. I wish I could account for what I do instead of these things but it is mostly a blur of staring at screens.

My biggest obstacle is myself.

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