A couple weeks ago I was listening to Rick Roll’s podcast and he (or his guest?) mentioned writing every day. I’ve always wanted to do that, much like meditation or running or drinking 8 glasses of water a day I am convinced of the benefits of that practice. However, I struggle with it. It seems that when I sit down at a regular time I have trouble finding something to say.

There was a tip mentioned in the podcast that stuck with me. Basically, Roll (or guest) said that the key for him to write daily is to try and think of something to write about the day before. By spending some time throughout the day thinking about tomorrow there is often an idea that comes to mind. That really kind of resonated with me. I usually just blog when I have a huge burst of inspiration and happen to be at home. That is a shitty way to do things, my Muse will never know where I am. I need to sit down consistently and just write.

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