Last year I started therapy and it has become one of the most important forms of self-care that I practice. I originally went to help with PTSD, anxiety, and motivation issues, but it has blossomed into something more than that.

I really think everyone should go to therapy. I find it so interesting/frustrating that we universally see the point of going to a dentist and doctor regularly to ensure our body and teeth are in good working order, but to see someone regularly to keep our mind in good working order is kind of taboo. You don’t need to have serious mental health issues to see a therapist any more than you need to have a cavity before seeing a dentist. It is just part of good self-care and if you are in a position to go once a month or so it can really pay off. I actually think the improvements made due to therapy have made me money. I wouldn’t be as effective at my job if I didn’t talk to a therapist.

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