Last Friday began November, the beginning of two interesting, umm, cultural activities. The first, National Novel Writing Month is also NaNoWriMo, which to me sounds like an abnoxious nickname for some hipster neighborhood in San Francisco or something. I like the idea though, by providing some social encouragement and structure it helps people write that novel that most (all?) of us have floating around beneath the surface of our minds. We all have stories to tell.

The second cultural norm is a greater focus on men’s related cancer. The most common one is “No Shave November” where people embrace their hair because people dealing with cancer often lose theirs. I always thought it was specifically for prostate cancer but the website doesn’t actually make a distinction between types of cancer.

This year, I started hearing about a different path to awareness… “No Nut November”. Which, is, umm, not orgasming for a month to bring awareness to prostate cancer. This strikes me as both strange and actually counterproductive. Regular orgasms actually decreases the chance of prostate cancer (clean those pipes daily). This is kind of like having “Smoke Cigarettes September” to bring awareness to lung cancer.

Also, it requires people talk about their orgasms to others who probably don’t want to hear about it. Unless you are out there having inappropriate and unwanted (probably) conversations with friends, coworkers, and parents, the only person who knows about your blue balls is you and your partner. Though, personally, I don’t think my partner would go for this practice. She may tolerate a month of wild hair but a sexless month is a bridge too far. Then again, she might have no interest in sex if I don’t maintain some sort of reasonable hair maintenance. So I guess the two may go hand-in-hand.

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