I read an article today in “Psychology Today” magazine (one of two mags that I subscribe to and let pile up while rarely reading) that really kind of sparked several ideas in me. It was titled “Awakening a Sluggish Sex Drive” and was basically about how important sleep is to having a healthy sex drive. My sex drive has generally been pretty solid… well, actually, my orgasm drive is pretty solid. Ideally, I’d orgasm daily but have sex 3-4 times per week. I’m lucky that life falls pretty close to that ideal.

Anyway, one of the things that stuck out to me is how fucking important getting good sleep is. I feel so much better when I actually do what I “should” do and turn off electronics around 9pm and am in bed by 10pm. Even if I have a period of insomnia (like I did last night) I can usually still get to sleep and have some solid sleep. I am on the low end of sleep needs, probably around 6-7 hours is solidly in the “good” range for me, but even more important is keeping my circadium rhythm. Down by 10 and up at 5 is basically the best.

Another thing that stuck out is how important sex is. Growing up I was simultaneously told it is the most important thing ever (PRE-MARITAL SEX IS THE DEVIL! IT IS ONLY FOR MARRIAGE BECAUSE IT IS SOOOOOOO IMPORTANT!) as well as the least important thing ever (WHO CARES IF YOUR SEX LIFE SUCKS, IT IS JUST SEX, RELATIONSHIPS AREN’T BASED ON SEX AND DIVORCE BECAUSE OF IT IS SELFISH!). Such a confusing message. The truth is, sexual satisfaction IS very important, maybe not the most important thing and the importance in a relationship will vary depending on those involved (you mean there is no universal truth?) but, it is important. It is how we connect and love and bond. We were born to have sex, just as we were born to eat and drink and breath… and sleep.

So, you know, drink water, eat a plant-based whole foods diet, don’t smoke, get a good night’s rest, and bump uglies.

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