I’ve never really had a focus for this blog. It has bounced around from political thoughts to daily frustrations to sexual interests to unedited fiction. That’s probably okay. I don’t think everything needs focus or editing or polish. A little rawness is good, at least it is for me.

Similarly, I’ve never really had an audience in mind. This blog has primarily been a place for me to just throw my thoughts out there and see what sticks. So, I guess I’m the audience. Hell, some of the time I don’t actually agree with what I’m writing. Sometimes it is just ideas or thoughts that I find interesting or worth exploring.

I think one of the primary threads that has run through the last seven years of “on again, off again” blogging is areas around mental health. My first professional/academic interest was psychology and it is, without a doubt, the most persistent interest in my life. The brain and mind have always fascinated me.

As I continue to actively and intentionally work to improve my brain and its processes (as I think we all should do) it is likely that this blog will start to shift a little bit more towards mental health. That is a broad subject, though. I can definitely talk about things like my struggles with anxiety, PTSD, motivation, and impostor syndrome. But I can also talk about books about creativity, articles about anger, and the use of nootropics. Discussions of sexual desires and turning to food for comfort and longing for flirting and anarchist tendencies can all occur.

So, yeah, maybe this blog will get some more focus… or maybe it won’t. I don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

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