Stuff For Sale

In an effort to get rid of most of the clutter in my life I am getting rid of pretty much everything I own. The only exception are things I am travelling with and one box that I will be shipping. What follows are the items I am selling or will be giving to Goodwill or trashing. All prices negotiable and if you are interested in something that is reserved but not sold let me know, I have a list in case buyers fall through. I also have a ton of books that will be available for free but it would be nice if you donated a few dollars if you take books. Any money I make on this will go to keeping me alive and helping me transition into my new life in SoCal.

California King Bed Frame and Mattresses – $125

Dresser – $20

Desk – $20

Bookshelf – $20

Couch – $100

Workout Equipment – $100 (Reserved)

Bench, dumbbells (2x 15lb, 20lb, 25lb, 30lb, 35lb), pull-up bar, foam pads (x4)

Dining Room Table and Five Stools – $150 Bass Guitar and Amp (missing G String) – $25

 Gadsden Flag – $5

8-Person Tent (used twice) – $30

Area Rug: Tan and Black, 5′ x 7′, Never Used – $15

3 thoughts on “Stuff For Sale

  1. I want that couch!!!!!!! I’m moving into my place this week so I can buy it it’s of you. Also if I have space I might negoitate the dining table set.

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