Creation is a disease. It is a virus. Once it infects a person it slowly, but surely takes over your entire being.

It is a small, invisible lifeform that moves from cell to cell in your body and takes control. It intoxicates to host and turns all energy towards the act of creating.

Once it takes hold, it is nearly impossible to destroy. Your only hope is to stop it early on. A blog is easy to stop when you’ve only posted a few things. A chapter or two of your novel can be tossed into an unmarked folder on your desktop. The paint and paintbrushes you ordered off of Amazon can sit in the corner “until tomorrow”. The guitar you borrowed from your father can gather dust in the closet after only a night or two of picking. The running shoes that cost $85 can sit by the door every morning if you’ve only run a few miles and you’re “too sore”, “running late”, or it is “too cold”.

But once creation starts to reproduce and get results, there is no stopping it. When you get the habit of writing every day and finish your book, you soon want to start a podcast. When you run daily and realize the rhythm of your feet matches the beat from a song, you want to start playing a musical instrument. When you recognize the patterns in the paintings around the room as mathematical principles you want to write a book about Leonardo DiVinci. Using your mind to make something new makes you wonder what your body is capable of, and vice versa. Creation infects every fiber of your mind, body, and soul and makes you wonder “what if?”. How strong could I be? What can I create with paint or chalk or music or poetry? Exploration of your own potential unlocks creativity that nobody can contain, and success isn’t about outside recognition but the completion of a task, and that motivates you on to the next thing you are curious about.

Creation creates creation.

You better stop now, or else there will be no stopping you.

Sex Commandments

Well, after yesterdays stream-of-consciousness flood of randomness I think I am ready to start blogging again regularly (a claim I realize I’ve made before). I’m particularly inspired by someone who was able to do a daily blog for an entire month, which is something I haven’t done since my bike ride. So, I’m going to try that but that means things are going to get a bit more personal and often involve current events or whatever is on my mind (probably sex… especially since I feel like part of my calling is really in sex and relationship therapy).


Today I found a cool infograph (below) about the 10 Sex Commandments for Men’s Arousal. While I hate the word commandment due to the coercive enforcement it implies I found the list interesting and think it should be tweeked to be accurate for all sexual partners regardless of the number of people present or whether they have a penis or vagina.

So, here are my 10 Sex Suggestions:

  1. Pay attention to what you are doing to your partner(s)
  2. Add variety to the way you touch and the places you touch
  3. Communicate. If verbally expressing your desires is difficult come up with other ways like pre-determined signals (ie tell your partner(s) before hand that if you put your hand on the side of their head while they go down on you that means you want them to go faster).
  4. Take your time, it isn’t a race.
  5. Be open to new things, we all have fantasies and want partners who are willing to indulge them from time to time.
  6. Try anal (guys and gals). If done right it can be extremely pleasurable.
  7. Be clean. Showering and such can be a fun activity together but really it is up to each individual to maintain themselves. You don’t need necessarily be clean-shaven everywhere but trimming is usually appreciated.
  8. Don’t fear experimentation… much like 5 you should not be afraid to try things with someone at least once. If a person is willing to share their kinks, fetishes, and fantasies with you it means they trust you and want to share that part of themselves with you. It isn’t something to be feared. Even if it is something that you can’t find yourself ever being able to do be supportive. A kink isn’t a dysfunction, it is a way they get pleasure. It is a good thing.
  9. Oral sex. Do it. EVERYONE! Seriously. It’s awesome.
  10. Thou shalt not overcomplicate sex! Remember, it’s just sex and it’s fun for a reason. Enjoy being close to someone and let the pieces fall into place. (I stole this straight from the infograph but it is pretty much perfect)

So, go out there and have some fun. Life is pretty short and there is so much to experience.