Physical Changes

I buzzed my beard down yesterday, and now my face looks odd and small when I look in the mirror. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while. I like my beard, but I also feel like a change of appearance is good when starting a new chapter in my life. It allows for a reset, an ability to discard the parts of who I was that are no longer healthy or necessary for me.

My beard, and to a lesser extent my hair, was a part of my nomadic ride. I had not really shaved it in over two years. It was a symbol of the journey I was on, a mark of my ride into the wilderness. Now, I am a bit more domestic. I’m still the same person, but in some ways, I am not. My responsibilities and expectations are completely different, but they are also exactly the same. My substance is the same, even if the particulars have changed.

This isn’t the first time I’ve changed my appearance based on a new chapter. The most obvious one was when my head was shaved before the military. But I’ve also buzzed my head before each Burning Man, dyed my hair several times, and even gotten tattoos to commemorate the end of one adventure and the beginning of another. There is something valuable to me about changing my appearance, particularly in transitionary periods. It gives me a feeling of control and of completion.

I’m not sure if any other changes are coming soon. I think I like the long hair (though, it gets in my face all the time… which is annoying) and tattoos are a bit out of my price range right now. But who knows? Maybe some inspiration will come mind soon.

Week 4 Update

I wasn’t able to do an update last week because I was in St. Louis. That trip was a bit of a hiccup in my life routine, but overall it went well (I blogged in more detail about the results of that here). Even after returning from St. Louis it has been a struggle to get back into the routine of things. We went up to Wilmington one day to look at houses and my mind/energy has really been on those things. I neglected my meditation and much of my workouts (except running). It looks possible that we will be moving to Wilmington next week (yay!) and that means this next week will be kind of stressful and busy but I’m going to try and at least do my meditation and push-ups.

I originally planned on starting intermittent fasting this week, but I think I’m going to wait until we are settled in Wilmington (if we move up there), I am just not in a good mental place to be introducing new challenges yet. I think it is important for me to change things up and add new things every four weeks or so, but with life being a little chaotic I am going to postpone that. I haven’t studied any German or written my book in the last two weeks and I need to re-evaluate my priorities and techniques. It may be that studying German on my own isn’t the best way to do it and if I truly want to learn it (and maybe I actually don’t, it may not have value to me) I may need to take a more traditional class. Writing, on the other hand, is something that I am confident that I truly want to do but I haven’t been able to find or implement a system that works for me yet.

Here are my current measurements, with the normal disclaimer that human error and variations in my body like full bowels, hydration, etc can create inaccuracies. I’m still happy with the direction things are heading… burning fat and getting stronger.

It is set up like this Measurement: Current (change from two weeks ago, overall change). For example, my weight is 166 right now so it will look like this “Weight: 166 lbs (-7, -12)”. I lost seven pounds in two week and two and twelve pounds since “Day 0” (July 8th).


  • Weight: 173 lbs (-2, -2.5)
  • Waist: 34.5 inches (-.5, -2)
  • Neck: 15.75 inches (+.25, +.25)
  • Chest: 40.25 inches (+.5, +.25)
  • Left Bicep: 13.5 inches (-.25, -.5)
  • Right Bicep: 13 inches (-.5, -1)
  • Left Thigh: 22.5 inches (-.5, -1.75)
  • Right Thigh: 22.5 inches (-1, -2.75)
  • Left Calf: 14.75 inches (-.25, +.25)
  • Right Calf: 15 inches (+/- 0, +.5)
  • BMI: 25.24 (-1.06, -1.82)
  • Body Fat %: 21.17 (-0.01, -3.85)
  • Average Daily Calories: 1793.57 (+96.71)
  • Average Waking Mood: 5.575 out of 10 (+0.145)
  • Average Midday Mood: 6.86 out of 10 (-0.57)
  • Average Evening Mood: 7.07 out of 10 (-.07)
  • Average Morning Sex Drive: 5.43 out of 10 (+0)
  • Average Midday Sex Drive: 6.14 out of 10 (-.57)
  • Average Evening Sex Drive: 5.785 out of 10 (-0.355)
  • Walked: 25.75 Miles (N/A, 63)
  • Ran: 21 Miles (N/A, 37.5)
  • Biked: 6 Miles (N/A, 20.25)
  • Pull Ups: 68 (N/A, 185)
  • Push Ups: 325 (N/A, 1,055)
  • Plank: 8 minutes (N/A, 25.75)
  • Meditated: 30 minutes (N/A, 130)
  • Average Nightly Sleep: 7.77 hours (+0.16)
  • Daily Orgasm: 9 out of 14 (N/A)
  • Blog Posts: 8 out of 14 (N/A)
  • Daily German: 0 out of 14 (N/A)
  • Daily Write Book: 0 out of 14 (N/A)
  • Resting Heart Rate: 60bpm (N/A, +1)

Bonus! Here are some charts. The first is my daily weight and the second is my weight change from day to day. You can also see all kinds of notes and measurements and stuff on this google doc. I will also be uploading new pictures to the shared folder later today (as always, the pictures are nude so don’t look if that will freak you out).


Currently Reading:

  • “Destructive Emotions: A Scientific Dialogue with the Dalai Lama” by Daniel Goleman
  • “The Great Hunt” by Robert Jordan