Undie Run Complete!


On Saturday I completed the incredibly easy and incredibly fun Cupid’s Undie Run here in Los Angeles to raise money for the Children’s Tumor Foundation. Overall the organization raised $1,000,000 to help fight cancer and provide support for children in need. My part was incredibly small but I am eternally grateful to my supporters who gave the money they could. My impact was small but I did earn an open bar which certainly helped give me some liquid courage. Overall I ranked #40 out of #480 in Los Angeles which isn’t half bad.

I had an incredible time meeting people and coming together for this event. One of my partners was by my side and though both of us are a bit introverted we managed to speak to a stranger or two. Hopefully next year I will get a team together and we can make an even bigger impact. Hanging out with beautiful people in your underwear, drinking, dancing, and celebrating all for a good cause is just a win for everyone. Thank you to all my supporters and I hope to see you next year in your skivvies.

My supporters:

  • Derek Langsley
  • Alec Weisman
  • Jimmy Goicoechea
  • Leah Miller
  • John DeGratto
  • Stephen and Julie Taylor
  • Kelly O’Keefe
  • Anonymous
  • Brian Reiswig



If there are three things that I like in this world it is love, not wearing clothes, and helping others. For once, all of them are coming together in one glorious event, the Cupid’s Undie Run on February 9th in Los Angeles (it’s actually happening all over the place but LA is where I will be participating). I think it is best for us to come together and help those in need instead of relying on the state, plus, it feels awesome to help (and run the streets in your underwear).

My personal goal right now is to raise $250 for the Children’s Tumor Foundation but I’d love to raise even more!┬áSo, if you have a few dollars to give towards this event I’d love your support. I will also be allowing the largest donor to pick my outfit for the run. And of course, there will be many, many pictures posted after the event.