Bike Ride 2014!

I love Los Angeles. I think in a lot of ways it will be a place I will always consider my home (though “homebase” seems more accurate). The people, the weather, the culture, the opportunities… it is just an amazing place.

But, I’m nomadic and I need another adventure. After chatting with friends and working out a budget it looks like I will be doing another bike ride, but this one will implement the lessons learned on the last one and be more intensive in a lot of ways. Right now I plan on it being about a year long, about 15,000 miles, and cover all 48 lower states.

The biggest change is the wonderful addition of my partner on this ride. As an avid cyclist she was intrigued by my cross-continent ride last summer and thrilled when it became obvious that we wanted to go on this journey together. This will obviously change things and provide opportunities for amazing highs… but it can (and probably will) put us under emotional and physical stress. Luckily we are pretty great together and our introverted laid back nature makes us a pretty good team and I think we will be great adventurers.

So, if you live somewhere and want us to crash on your couch or know of something awesome we can see please let me know. A rough route is below but realistically we will often change course on a whim to have adventures (and google map has a limited number of destination points you can put in).

year route