Cycle of Love

This is more of a personal blog post. I guess all my blog posts are personal but this one is a bit different and I have not really put much thought into it, it is more stream of consciousness. 

My niece Abigail Grace was born this morning to my brother and his amazing wife Alaina. This beautiful little girl is my second experience with becoming an uncle, my nephew Gunner Ollie was born in late 2011 to my sister Kayla and her husband. In addition my sister is also pregnant again right now and Kevin just got engaged. My family is truly filled with love right now across all generations. I am so happy for my siblings.


Gunner looking adorable


I love being an uncle but it certainly makes me think sometimes. I am the oldest of six and two of my younger siblings are married with kids. I love my siblings but it is a bit weird sometimes, I left for the Army over 11 years ago and since then I have not spent more than a week or so in Oregon in any year. I really don’t know my siblings that well and if it wasn’t for Facebook I really wouldn’t have any clue what is going on in their life.


Baby Abigail

Growing up in a household with six kids and two working parents often puts responsibility on the older kids that not everyone experiences. I remember times where I babysat, took younger siblings to school, did the grocery shopping, and just helped out as best I could for my age. In addition, I’ve had a job of some sort since I was about 13. I guess what I’m saying is that sometimes I felt less like a sibling and more like a parent. I am sure my siblings would disagree but that is where I am coming from.

I think that might be a big part of the joy I feel for my siblings right now. I feel pride in how they are all embracing love and showing that through commitment and giving birth. With Kevin getting married that means half the Neiger kids are off the market and a new generation will come forth with plenty of cousins and siblings. It makes me happy and I can’t wait to spoil Abigail, Gunner, and all my future little nieces and nephews. I may never have kids of my own but I certainly will not be wanting for love to give and receive.

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