Riding Out The Storm

My dog seems like he is being particularly lazy today. He usually isn’t a very active dog, at least not when he is just hanging out indoors, I think it is the bulldog in him that keeps him mellow. Today is lazier than normal though and I think it might be because of the weather. It is overcast and a bit drizzly here right now (or, as they say in North Carolina, there is “tropical storm” hitting us) and it makes me wonder if being lazy and slow on overcast days is evolutionarily advantageous. I’m sure most humans have felt sluggish and “bleh” on overcast days, it seems like it might just be something that was selected for.

It at least makes some sense. Rainy and overcast days could be more dangerous if you are out in nature and hunting to survive. “Bad” weather increases the chance of disease, accidental injuries, and such. It makes sense that a mutation that encouraged animals to slow down, conserve energy, and maybe hide during bad weather may be more fit than animal that didn’t bunker down during storms.

Anyway, that’s what is on my mind today… how evolution may play a role in our moods and urges. And how my dog really isn’t that different from me.

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