My Costs

At the suggestion of a dear friend and a lot of thought I’ve decided to post my basic costs up here. Several people have asked how they can help and in the spirit of accepting gifts I hope this gives a good idea of my expenses so that people who want to help know what the money kind of goes to. I don’t need money but if you feel like gifting I won’t turn it down. My PayPal email is

  • travel food (trail mix, nuts, raisins, etc) – $8/day
  • Cafe food (once a day) – $8
  • Camping – $25/night (abouttwice per week)
  • Sunscreen – $20/week
  • Bike tubes – $20/month (haven’t blown a tube in a while, knock on wood)
  • Tune-up – $100ish per 500 miles, prices seem to vary widely
  • Replacement Gear – $75/week (this covers everything from sunglasses to bungee cords)

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