So, my beard is kind of getting out of control. I think that the first impression I give people is getting increasingly negative due to my appearance. I’m sweaty, hairy, usually haven’t showered in days, and have grease and dirt all over. I’ve talked to a few close friends about this and they generally support me trimming or shaving. I’ve decided not to do that.

I’m going to keep the beard growing through the end. I find it fascinating the reactions I get from people and I think there is value in seeing the world through a new lens. To be treated differently or as an outcast from a first impression can be a great learning experience for me. I know what some of you are thinking, “But wait Peter!!! Won’t this hurt your chances of getting laid during your travels?” In short, yes, probably… But that isn’t why I’m out here and isn’t something I’ve pursued. I recognize that our biological drive is sex but I think there are two related to things to consider. First, there is value in pursuing non-carnal desires and relationships, and second, lessons learned with my travel beard may help me find lovers in the future. It’s sort of like a Future Fornication Investment (FFI).

I should note that not everybody treats me differently, in fact most people are still great, there is just a little change in initial responses. It is really only the people who see me in a store or something without Harmony. When I’m riding or first pull up to a place I am still asked questions. People seem to recognize it is a journey beard, in fact, one of the lovely ladies of the John Deere Crew specifically asked about it.

So, I’m keeping it until the end of the journey but then I’m taking this damn thing off and going back to my pre-ride beard.

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