Starting Again in Myrtle Beach

Warning: At the very bottom of this page there are two nude photos of me. They are simply nude images and are not sexual. Some of you may want to read this blog post but would be offended or disgusted by the so I wanted to give a content warning. There will be another warning immediately before the images.

After a lot of partying, we got out of DC last Tuesday and got to Myrtle Beach. It took several days to get everything in order (who knew moving was so stressful), but we are finally settled in and I’m ready to get my new routine started on Saturday. Being public with my routine can help keep my accountable, so I decided to share a bunch of info about what I’m doing over the next several months and why I am doing it.

One big thing is the half marathon I’m training for. I’ve never been a runner but I see this half marathon as an event to keep me motivated and active. I know that I will become very lazy and unhealthy if I stay physically stagnant, and I know specific events are one way that I can motivate myself. My life changes are not only going to involve running though, I really need to make myself more accountable and be able to self-start. School did a shitty job with that and I know I can easily fall into a funk and get lazy… basically, I lack discipline.

While my schedule will vary a bit based on daily needs, it is generally going to look like this:

  • 7am: Wake and morning routine – pee, weigh myself, big glass of water, cup of coffee, 10 minutes of meditation, stretch, sun salutations, push-ups, planks, pull-ups
  • 7:30am: Morning run – This will vary in length and location based on my training plan and includes running on the road, beach, dirt, and sprints up hills
  • 8:30am: Breakfast (~800kcal)
  • 9:00am: Blogging
  • 10:30am: Snack (~100kcal) and walk to the YMCA for yoga or weight lifting
  • 12:30pm: Lunch (~450kcal)
  • 3pm: Snack (~150kcal) and go for a walk
  • 4pm: Bike home and write or study
  • 5:30pm: Dinner (~300kcal)
  • 6pm: Go for a walk
  • 7pm: Prep for next day – Figure out running route, prep gym bag, prep any food, etc.
  • 7:30pm: Movie/show time with Anna
  • 8:30pm: Snack (~150kcal)
  • 9pm: Meditate and read
  • 10pm: Bed

Some notes:

  • While walking I will be hunting Pokemon, and I’m going to try and stay outside as much as possible. Gotta get that D!
  • My writing and study time is for a lot of things, including prepping for grad school, learning a new language, writing and submitting pieces for pay, writing several of the books we have in mind, and Khan Academy (and similar courses)
  • I’m working at the library to keep distractions at a minimum. I want my home to be home and work to be work. Also, no work in the bedroom… I may not even keep my computer in the bedroom.
  • I’m cutting out all fluids except water, tea, and coffee. Beer will only be consumed at special occasions (like, once a month or something)
  • I deleted the Facebook app off my phone and installed an app into Chrome that limits my time on Facebook to 45 minutes every day.
  • I’m trying to do cheap and free things to save money and work less. Right now there is a running club and cycling club that has cheap/free events, but if I feel the need or desire I might add some other things like:
    • Physical stuff: Kickboxing, more yoga, acro-yoga, fire staff dancing, rock climbing, tai chi, barre, dance, trampoline
    • Social stuff: kink and poly community, burner community, intramural sports teams, pagan community, Unitarian Universalist church
    • Skills: Musical instrument, photography, archery, firearm marksmanship, multiple orgasms
    • Other: Foreskin restoration, tie dye shirts, dog training, coloring
  • Saturdays will be different, on Saturdays I will prep most of my food for the week, take picture, and do measurements.
  • After 8pm my computer will be turned off and my phone will only be used to play music or podcasts to help me sleep

In order to track my body changes during this time of training I will check the following things regularly:

  • Weight – Daily (weighing myself daily also helps keep me accountable)
  • Measurements – Weekly (Waist, Chest, Neck, Biceps, Thighs, Calves)
  • Calories – Daily (I’ve got a plan in place but that may adjust depending on other goals and how hungry I feel)
  • Mood – Daily
  • Sex Drive – Daily
  • Resting Heart Rate – Weekly
  • Blood Pressure – Whenever a machine is available
  • Miles walked, ran, and biked – Daily
  • Hours slept

My starting stuff is:

  • Weight – 178 lbs
  • Waist – 36.5 in
  • Chest – 40 in
  • Neck – 15.5 in
  • Biceps – R 14 in, L 14 in
  • Thighs – R 24.25 in, L 24.25 in
  • Calves – R 14.5 in, L 14.5 in
  • Mood – 4 out of 10 – Excited to get started with the day but pretty tired
  • Sex Drive – 4 out of 10
  • Resting Heart Rate – 58 bpm

So, that’s the next few months. All this is open to change, but I’m fucking excited.

Oh yeah, I forgot something….

Warning: Nude images below this paragraph. I decided to put nude images for a couple of reasons. First, I think it is neat to keep images of our bodies as we age. I wish I had more nude images of myself from every year of my life. I think the body is fascinating in how it changes over time and there is value in seeing our past selves with more mature eyes. Of course, that doesn’t explain why I am making these public… Second, I think the world needs more non-sexual nude images of ordinary people. Most nudity is sexualized in our culture, and even artistic nude images tend to be models that are incredibly slim or muscular. I am neither of those things and I see some value in making my form public. Third, I have some body confidence issues and have some reservations about being naked. I think posting nude images will help me overcome that. I want to be someone who is comfortable nude, and as they say, you gotta fake it until you make it. Fourth, I’m going to be working hard to train for a half marathon and to become more healthy and fit. It will be cool to see the changes my body undergoes in that time so I’ll be sharing more nude images of myself (probably weekly) between now and October. Having a public audience for these images (even if that audience is fictional) can help keep me accountable to my fitness and diet routine.

So, on to the images…

Wow, wasn’t that scandalous?

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